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Linexpo, Lingerie Exposition Turkey

You can visit Ferah Konfeksiyon stands at Linexpo fair in Istanbul CNR exhibition center during 11-13 February

E.Leclerc, SGS, Ferah : “ Responsible Sourcing”

As a result of a special program implemented to observe the social and environmental sensitivity applied during the production process, we have become the first underwear company received the certification. This special program, which BSCI and GSPC criterias are inspected, is applied only to 75 companies worldwide. The program aiming a clean world, environment friendly products and producers are followed with admiration by many countries and institutions.

Metal Detectors & Metal Free Zone

In our company manufacturing at international standards, metal detectors important for consumer safety are used in all production process.

BSCİ Program & GOOD Certificate

BSCI (business social commitment initiative) started by Foreign Trade Association quartered in Brussel, is a social awareness system observing ethical source management in Europe. BSCI focuses on the labour standards of is International Labour Organisation and encourages the suppliers to improve their social performances. The ultimate goal is to support sustainable labour standards worldwide. The program includes; Legal Compatibility, Working Hours, Benefits, Preventing Child Labour, Preventing Forced Labour and legal cautions, freedom to for syndicates and collective bargaining, Preventing any sort of Discrimination, Safety and Hygiene in Workplace, Management Systems, Environmental and Security issues. Our company successfully fulfilled its responsibility in all areas, and deserved to get BSCI GOOD certificate.
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