Sadettin Dirik

Sadettin Dirik is born in Buldan-Denizli, 1933. After he worked in woven fabric ateliers in Buldan, he started to sell products manufactured in these ateliers, in big cities like Denizli and İzmir, when he was about 26 years old. In 1957, Sadettin Dirik came to Istanbul and started working in Sultanhamam. He founded Ferah Kadın Çamaşırları in 1960, and started selling the products, all over Turkey, manufactured by his wife and a team of workers.

In 1978, he moved his production place to the factory in Aksaray, and later in 1996, to his modern facilities in Esenyurt. Sadettin Dirik and his wife Jale Dirik still work in the company as honorary directors, handed the management of the company to their sons Mehmet Dirik (R.I.P) and Ferhat Dirik. Today, with his grandchildren Eren, Deha, Kerem and Aslı, 3 generation of the family is working together in the company.