Ferah Endüstri

Ferah Endüstri

Our brand Pozitif Hijyen performing business in cleaning and hygene sector is established in 2008. In today’s world, changing life styles create society of consumption and need of trust for quality control and service providing companies rapidly increase. People spends everyday average of more than 12 hours in a place otside their houses, such as workplace, hotels, factories, schools, restaurants etc., and expects standard hygiene, quality control and institutional service given by professional companies with such a vision.

Company provides services for places other than houses, considering customer satisfaction first and aiming continuous development. Company provides professional services, -not just with flags, banners or certificates-, following the principles of quality standards and implementing existing technologies in each step of process, in order to achieve a continuous development and growth rate.

As the level of conscious increase, institutional structure and service approach of service providing companies has become important along with the materials and equipments used in daily usage, and the quality of such.

Our company with its institutional, customer oriented approach and behaviour becomes one of the leading companies in our sector. Our product portfolio contains domestic and foreign cleaning materials. In order to create suitable solutions for specific needs of our clients, we also provide alternative brands. While choosing our products we take into consideration the documentation from the clients and independent inspection authorities (ISO-HACCP-TSE etc.).