Manufacturing Process


Design process can be implemented in 3 ways. Our design team can prepare designs according to brand identity and demands of our clients. Working on the files submitted by our clients, we can turn our clients’ demands into products. In compliance with the samples presented by our clients, we can produce the duplicates or similar products.


The patterns of the products designed are produced according to the measurement tables and special demands of the client, in a very short time. Our department produces the patterns of various products such as brassiere, underpants, body, t-shirt, pyjama, nightgown, boxer etc., and hands it to our sampling department with appropriate quality of raw material.


Design is a process going along with patterning. Our planning department provides the materials from local and international suppliers in accordance with the specifications of the product and requests of the client, and hands those to sampling department. For each product, alternative materials are also offered.


That is a process also going along with the others. In order to prepare the samples in accordance with the requests of the client, we provide L/D works from different suppliers. Each L/D work also includes more than one alternative work. The closest colour chosen by our team is used for the first sample. Alternatives are sent with the sample.




Desired design is submitted to sampling department with right patterns, materials and colours. Our sampling team consisting 7 people and 20 sewing machines for different purposes prepares the first sample rapidly and presents the samples to customer representative. First samples prepared are eavaluated by customer representative, head of patterning team and production manager, and, the evaluation reports are presented to the client.


Following the first sample, client’s opinion is expected. After the evaluation made by our team, according to the request of the client, re-sampling or size sets are prepared. Size sets considered as one of the most important process before production are prepared rapidly, and presented with a detailed production report to customer representative.


In order to get the approval for the material used in sample production, work is started right after the order is received. By the time approved materials and samples are received together with the materials to be used are in our possession, Pilot Production Sample is produced by our team and sent to client to obtain approval for production.


When the approval for production is received, production starts immediately. At the beginning, during and at the end of production process, process is observed in order to sustain the quality of production. Our production facility has a production capacity of 350.000 units of brassiere, underpants, body, nightgowns, pyjamas, shapewear, bonding, t-shirt and boxer shorts per month.


Articles produced goes through last control and prepared according to the request of the client. Assorted articles are prepared according to specifications of target country of delivery. Accessories such as barcodes, etiquettes, plastic bags and hangers are added and articles become ready to sell. Then products are placed in carton boxes and b oxes are labelled. Packing lists and invoice are prepared to make the products ready for transportation.


Quality Control includes all the process between design and packaging. Planning and patterning departments follows all the process together with the customer representative of the client. Finally, quality control team consisting 12 people certified in their branch performs the control process and prepares the articles to be controlled by independent control agencies. The products ready to be transported, then, are controlled by independent agencies and delivered to our clients.